toddler food guide – A5 booklet


It’s those toddler years and Mr Independent is just extra fussy now-a-days. Don’t despair! Our 32-page Toddler Food Guide is jam-packed with goodness: from tips to feeding your toddler, a food portion guide for the 4 main food groups, a suggested 7-day meal guide, AND 10 delicious toddler-tested recipes. Just what you need to get your munchkin a little more excited about the fabulous world of food.

Recipes included:

  • Thai Curry Chicken
  • Rainbow Riceballs
  • Fluffy Spinach and Tomato Frittata
  • Easy Peasy Tomato Soup
  • Froggy Pasta
  • Linseed and Almond Fishfingers
  • Sweet Potato Mini Pizzas
  • Choc Rice Pudding
  • Butternut Squash and Apple Muffins
  • Little Chia Pikelets
  • Proudly designed in Australia, printed in South Africa
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